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Farmhouse Feel With A Modern Touch

When we moved into our Victorian Farmhouse, it was partially modernized. I’m going to show you how you can still have that vintage or antique Farmhouse feel while still having a modern home. It’s not impossible, but it can be intimidating.

From DIY to Secondhand Finds to Store Finds

I will try and keep the cost down on any of my DIY, second-hand, or Store Finds. Sometimes it is better to go with the more expensive option, while other times a more cost-effective method can be used. Either way, I will be honest with you and explain my reasons.



Whenever I start a DIY project or Renovation, I do my research so I can ensure that I have the best equipment and supplies to complete the project.



Planning a project whether small or large takes some designing. Designing ahead of time can help remove many mistakes from the project


It is now time to complete the project(s) and enjoy the hard work. Remember, measure twice, cut once. Always make sure you have the correct measurements.